What is Artisan Gelato

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Fresh, creamy, light and with a low-fat content, the italian Artisal Gelato is not only dessert, but indeed a complete quality meal, whose characteristics are different from the classical ice-cream.

There are two types of Italian Artisan Gelato

Dairy Based
Dairy Based
Water based
Water Based = Sorbetto

100% fat free, full fruit flavour!

Italian Gelato
Artisan production fresh every day Production features Industrial Production Preserved
0 - 8 % Fats content 15 - 18 %
25 - 40 % Air content until 100%

easy is it to prepare

Few ingredients, really easy to prepare, with high quality ingredients, the right recipes, decoration and arrangement in the showcase.

is the ideal partner

Mec3 is the worldwide famous Italian company that produces all necessary ingredients for italian artisan gelato and pastry.

there is a high ROI

With a minimal investment of US$ 50.000 for machinery and equipment, the break-even point becomes a target to reach easily and in a very short time.